Just Another Geek

22 Jan 2020

hugo't to know how this blog is setup!

This post describes the "behind this scene" of this blog: a mixture of AWS, hugo and terraform.
06 Jan 2020

Engineering Yara rules

Unless you are an anti-virus vendor, the management of Yara rules quickly become messy in a team environment as everything becomes eventually inconsistent. This post introduces how we tackled these issues...
29 Dec 2019

What has inspired me in 2019?

Last blog post was 8 years ago, I wanted to re-open this blog by giving back to those who had inspired me this year.
24 Jan 2012

Linux security in 2011, or my LKML's yearly digest

This is my bookmarks about Linux kernel security in 2011.
02 Nov 2011

ld-linux.so ELF hooker

I release a new tool, ldshatner, to inject code at runtime without the LD_PRELOAD hack
25 Sep 2011

Introducing a bit of Web paranoia into my habits...

How do I use Google Chrome? What are my must-have extensions?
27 Aug 2011

net2pcap revival

Giving an update to net2pcap
06 Jul 2011

HOWTO authenticate ssh server through certificates

This is a HOWTO use ssh CA mecanism to authenticate servers.
11 Apr 2011

no-release of seccomp-nurse

I released a new tool, seccomp-nurse
03 Jan 2011